University of Alberta Campus


SNAP (Society for Northern Alberta Print-Artists) has amazing facilities for print artists. They fundraise by doing many things, one being a printed calendar. The images were beautiful!

Brian Jungen exhibit at the Art Gallery of Alberta. This "installation" was made of plastic lawn chairs.

The Hub Mall inside the University of Alberta, that doubles as a residence for students. The open doors you seen above the shops are windows to the rooms. Cool, huh? We were told that some students don't ever leave during the winter because everything they need is inside the university.


when our group got together to re-cap on what everyone was doing and was just kinda goof around, I had an idea of rolling ink onto a sheet of paper, then i would color using charcoals on a another sheet of paper. then i would place the inked paper ink down on the charcoal and draw on the back to try and pick up the charcoal.  i was really excited to try it but my results were kinda disapointing. the charcoal did get picked  up by the ink but it was very light and didn’t see the drawing very well.  i want to work with it some more and try to use the thinner paint instead. i had a happy accident though when i rolled the ink on the tracing type paper on top of the model’s platform. it created a great looking texture that i want to expand on as well.

since my camara was dead i couldnt get pics of the process but i’ll get pics of the final outcomes soon!

Group Meeting


Meghan printing a linocut block.

Amy’s trial mono print.

Kat tries printing on bright pink fuzzy.

It was great to see everyones experiments. Annie showed us many of her awesome prints and parts of prints. They were very inspiring!!!


For this piece I’ve layered washes of the inks on watercolor paper. Then used wax to cover the entire inked surface. I scored the wax with a pencil and went back over with more of the ink, but chose darker hues. I’m happy with the texture on top of the wax, but really need to experiment with the thickness of the inks underneath as well as varying the wax placement