bottle as a pen?


I decided to work on a bigger scale with the paper to try to do something different. Again, i used charcoals as a back ground and used the thick paint to draw the image on top the charcoal. I liked working in this bigger scale of paper cause it made me want to do more expressing gesture lines and just go crazy. on the second picture i used blues and grays in the charcoal and then the deep blue thick paint as the main subject matter, but i felt it needed more of something. so i took the red thinner paint and just used the whole bottle as a drawing utencial, (if there is any blue in the bottle i am sorry. i tried to get it all out) which worked out great cause it didn’t really mesh with the thick paint and made a cool look to it. the running drips however was an accident. but a good one. dont know what ill do next time. maybe i’ll do more of using the ink bottle as a pencil???? idk


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