Paint and Charcoals


This time I wanted to see what would happen if I painted on top of some colored charcoal. I made some simple gestural marks with the charcoals on a thicker paper and then used the thinner print ink to paint over the charcoal. I used a harder brush like a thought about the last time and the line work was much better. The results, however, were kinda boring as I had anticipated. the paint didn’t really effect the charcoal, but it  was okay enough for me to want to explore more of it. Then i used the thicker print ink on the charcoal using a piece of mat board to apply the paint on the paper. I was happier with the results because the paint would pick up some of the charcoal and bits of color would be in the ink. Also with the thickness of the ink, it made a texture that made me feel like it was sticking out of the paper. The type of mark the mat board chunk made with the ink look great to me and I want to work with that style more. Next time I will make my charcoal drawing with more charcoal applied on the paper verses just using gestural marks, then using the mat board piece, apply the thick ink on top of the drawing to try and pick up more of the charcoal.


One Response to “Paint and Charcoals”

  1. just try you best and paint from your mind, every product would be the treasure of yours

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