Amy’s Beginning


This research project is about using the water based ink. We all had a great introduction to materials session. I think this ink will work out great and I am excited about all of the possibilities. However I am having trouble getting some initial ideas and images for the plates. One of my frustrations is my anxiety of my upcoming deadline for my exhibition in Canada this March. I know I want to create an installation using the visual elements from my “spaces between” body of work. Do I use the same plates? Do create a new one? Do I continue to print on paper or do I trust my gut pulling me towards printing on fabric? I would tell my students to do it all and then decide! So in my attempt to not be a hypocrite that is what I will do! I started by creating some images for new plates. I did this by drawing with my new stylus and my iPad. I really like the results! These images look like intaglio etchings in and of themselves. So maybe by trying to go ‘green’ in the studio I can incorporate digital images. I can print these on the best and heaviest paper I can run throughout my inkjet printer and then print on top of it???????? Hmmmm……lots to think about! Now I will head downstairs to my studio and start printing old plates on different fabrics.


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