From experimentation with the ink I have had trouble finding a texture that I like. I have had a mess with the ink running. I think this is from rushing the process and adding layers to quickly. Also, could be adding to much water to the base or not use to thin paper given. My past work with nudity and collaging into my peice with different loose marks has been somewhat successful and enjoying. I will continue this process with the ink in search of a texture that is useful to my process. This set of work from the research project I plan to use nature and collaging ink into the piece. I would have more pictures added from my phone of the experimentation with the ink if it wasn’t for the lack of knowledge of technology. There will be more pictures added by the end of the week! I am excited to use this medium and incorporate them into my peices. Using a new medium is always exciting! Check for more pictures of my ink experimentation and the collaging process in a few days!


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