With the past canvases shown, the ink was used as a watercolor. I have used oil pastels to draw over top of it. The ink was so rich and vibrant I decided to leave on some of the canvases the harsh blured spots the the ink made in contact with the water. With the oil pastels i scratched into the oil to pull the inked canvases to show through. With the figures i have also added ink onto the oil pastels. Because the pastels are so oily and the ink is so watery, I had troubles keeping the colored to stick onto the figures. I got out my summer fan and put it on low, and had some success from that. 



As of right now the pictures I have posted in the past with the mono printing have now been cut up into individual blobs and connected onto one another. I have used my images of women and drawn on tissue paper and collage them into the mono printed blobs as well. I have continued to make more mono prints and searching for “blobs” to cut out of them. This piece will be fairly big. I was using my lap top to take these pictures. It was difficult to get the whole piece into the picture. This piece is fairly large.

I have enjoyed this process. The ink has made beautiful colors and mixes well with each other. I really enjoy the brightness that the ink will pull. I have been using a small plexi glass for the mono printing process. I think the small glass helps me concentrate on keeping a  amount of ink of the glass. Smaller the amount of ink smaller the “blobs.” -That is what I am going for! I will post more pictures here soon!